Roof painting

Roof painting, also known as roof coating, has something of a mixed reputation. But when done with a good quality paint with high UV and weather stability, able to withstand the high exposure, roof coating can significantly improve your roof.

Example of roof painting

The benefits include extending the life of your roof by up to 15 years; much improved appearance with noticeably less algae, moss, mildew and mould; less peeling, fading and chalking.

Specialist roof paints also slow the build-up of dirt and grime and boost water resistance and thermal efficiency.

Interested, but concerned about access to your roof? Is it tall, awkwardly shaped, in a busy location that would make scaffolding a nightmare?Look no further than HiSolution. We use rope access techniques, which means that your roof painting project will be completed quickly, affordably and safely, with minimum hassle and maximum efficiency, regardless of how high or awkward the roof is.

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Why Us?

Here are a few reasons why more businesses are deciding to use rope access solutions

High standards
Though we work at heights, we are always in control of the situation, which means that you can expect a service that is up to the highest standards at all times.
Rope Access is a cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to more traditional methods, such as scaffolding.
We offer the safest means of working at heights available. Using this innovative methods, our technicians, as well as everyone around, are perfectly safe.
Trusted provider
Work is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, and often for as long as 30 years.