Rope Access Painting

Exterior painting can be a simple job. That is usually the case when the building is not too tall and all surfaces are easily accessible.

Things get a little bit more complicated in the case of taller buildings. Safety becomes a major concern, both for the workers and for the general public.

Example of rope access painting

That’s why painting tall buildings typically requires scaffolding, with all its associated costs and inconvenience, especially in busy areas with a lot of pedestrian and vehicle traffic. Rope access techniques HiSolution specialises in offer an alternative, more efficient way of completing exterior painting jobs at height. We work for domestic, commercial and industrial customers in and around Edinburgh, providing them with a reliable, quick and affordable service without a need for scaffolding. Considering an exterior paint job?

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Why Us?

Here are a few reasons why more businesses are deciding to use rope access solutions

High standards
Though we work at heights, we are always in control of the situation, which means that you can expect a service that is up to the highest standards at all times.
Rope Access is a cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to more traditional methods, such as scaffolding.
We offer the safest means of working at heights available. Using this innovative methods, our technicians, as well as everyone around, are perfectly safe.
Trusted provider
Work is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, and often for as long as 30 years.