Rope access cleaning

First impressions matter. And a dirty, grime-covered building certainly won’t make a good one.

However diligent and regular your cleaning efforts, some places will remain inaccessible, and accumulate layers and layers of grime..

Example of rope access roof cleaning

Is your building due a thorough scrubbing? Do you need to get to high and hard to reach places on the façade, roof or at the back? Perhaps you are seeking a regular business partner to tackle the exterior cleaning of your property?

HiSolution rope access technicians apply their specialist climbing and abseiling skills to tackle cleaning jobs at any height of a building and other types of structures, as verified by our appropriate CSCS certificates. We work with ropes, harnesses, and a set of professional tools selected carefully for the job at hand: rope access, also known as industrial abseiling, is safe, fast and efficient. It also cost less than scaffolding.

HiSolution have hundreds of satisfied clients, who often come back to us with repeat business – we offer the top rope access service in Edinburgh, as evidenced by our numerous 5-star reviews. Don’t spend money and waste time on ugly and expensive scaffolding - get your building clean with HiSolution’s help.

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Why Us?

Here are a few reasons why more businesses are deciding to use rope access solutions

Safety First
Safety, quality & convenience are our guiding principles. All our technicians are fully trained.
Competitively Priced
We offer tailor-made solutions to specific needs rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.
Quality Accreditations
CHAS and Acclaim Certified Contractor