Leak detection and damp-proofing

Keeping buildings dry is not a small matter, especially in Scottish weather – and an important one, as water is one of the main factors causing damage and deterioration.

Even small-scale water ingress can lead to structural damage over time, worse if the water repeatedly freezes and thaws in erratic winter temperatures.

Example of Leak detection and damp-proofing

Damp-proofing usually consists in installing suitable membranes that protect the structure of the building, and not just at ground level. HiSolution will help you tackle all waterproofing tasks, including the ones at height.

It’s a fact known to any building owner or a facilities manager: leaks happen, and the older the property, the more likely and harder to trace they are.

Rusting water pipes?
Slipped slates on the roof?
Invisible crack in a wall?
Badly sealed joints?

If not properly tackled, a hardly-noticeable leak will turn into a steady drip… so don’t let it turn into a torrent, and don’t let a small job turn into a disruptively big and expensive one.

HiSolution rope access team will help you trace the leaks, however high or low they occur. Once we figure out where the water is coming from, we will deliver a report presenting our findings, as well as recommending the most suitable solutions. We can also, of course, carry out the remedial work.

Rope access, also known as industrial abseiling, allows our skilled techs to quickly and safely access all parts of a building to carry out weatherproofing, leak tracing and all kinds of repair work.

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Why Us?

Here are a few reasons why more businesses are deciding to use rope access solutions

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