Building surveying and inspection, defect finding analysis

A survey is an essential, but often overlooked stage in any serious building repair or refurbishment project.

An inspection will allow you to determine what kind of damage and defects, and where, require fixing, and what exactly needs to be done.

Rope access building surveying Edinburgh

Rope access techniques employed by HiSolution allow our IRATA-standard trained technicians to thoroughly examine even the hardest to reach parts of the structure before you commit to any remedial work or pay for expensive and cumbersome scaffolding. Do you need to locate persistent and hard to track leaks? Collect samples from cladding or insulation in your building to test for flammable materials or asbestos? Examine the state of guttering, chimneys or roof ridges? Carry out a general survey before major refurbishment and renovation work?

HiSolution will perform these tasks quickly, safely and affordably. Employing industrial abseiling techniques allows our technicians to thoroughly survey your property with minimum inconvenience and intrusion. The safety of our operatives is guaranteed by our CSCS certification and IRATA training.

A building survey carried out by HiSolution, Edinburgh’s leading industrial abseiling company, is the optimal first step in any commercial or domestic repair or maintenance project.

We employ experienced roofers and builders, so we also deal with the remedial work itself, but you can hire HiSolution just to carry out the initial assessment.

Defect Surveying, Inspection and Analysis

Building defect diagnosis targets specific defects within a property. If you are concerned about cracks you have discovered, or a damp patch on a wall getting bigger and more pronounced, this is a service for you. Our report will focus on the particular problem but if necessary, we will inspect the whole property as well as neighbouring properties and wider external surroundings to identify the cause of the problem.

If you are worried about an apparent defect in your building, contact us first to discuss it. We will then come round for an informal assessment, before conducting a thorough inspection and providing you with a report containing its results.

Our inspection and analysis survey report will also list recommended works, including the costing. We are proud of our excellent reputation and place high value on our integrity, so we will never recommend unnecessary work. Whether you decide to hire us to complete the remedial work or not, a detailed report will create a basis for further stages of the project, ensuring that all that needs to be fixed is identified, and that no unnecessary work is done.

Industrial abseiling allows for freedom of movement and access pretty much everywhere, so it’s a perfect approach to building surveying and defect diagnosis. The higher and the more awkward and complex the building, the greater the gains from using rope access techniques: it’s convenient, minimally intrusive, safe, affordable and quick.

Make sure you know exactly what’s wrong with your building and how to fix it, discuss your survey with HiSolution today.

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