Banner installation

Popular with sellers, marketers and event organisers, banners and signs are basic tools of promotion.

Banners offer an affordable yet very noticeable way to communicate your brand message to your customers, visitors and passers-by.

Rope access banner installation

Large banners positioned high enough to be visible from a distance are particularly impactful and justify the extra effort and expense. But sometimes such placement can prove pretty challenging, and you end up with a wonky banner hanging at an awkward angle – or have to choose a lower, less visible location. An alternative is to build scaffolding – expensive, time consuming, and often simply not practical for your location.

HiSolution comes to the rescue in such situations. This is exactly the kind of task industrial abseiling has been developed for. Our rope access technicians will hang your banner exactly where it should be, perfectly placed and aligned.Have you spent time and money getting a perfect banner designed and printed?

Get it professionally installed with HiSolution and do the full justice to your business or event.

Free estimate within 24 hours
No-obligation quote & assessment visit
Save thousands of £££ on Scaffolding

Why Us?

Here are a few reasons why more businesses are deciding to use rope access solutions

High standards
Though we work at heights, we are always in control of the situation, which means that you can expect a service that is up to the highest standards at all times.
Rope Access is a cheaper, safer, and more efficient alternative to more traditional methods, such as scaffolding.
We offer the safest means of working at heights available. Using this innovative methods, our technicians, as well as everyone around, are perfectly safe.
Trusted provider
Work is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, and often for as long as 30 years.