Roofing and rope access at HiSolution

Here at HiSolution, we pride ourselves on carrying out efficient, high quality roofing work that our customers are so happy with, they tell their friends. Around 80% of our business comes from word of mouth, and there’s no surprise with the attention to detail we put into every job we do.

Our flexible technicians don’t believe in a one size fits all approach, we tailor every Edinburgh roofing job to our customers and ensure they are happy with the work we’re carrying out every step of the way. We hire expert roofers who work with rope access to tackle and provide a solution for every roof problem you may be facing.

Our work is very affordable as we don’t need the time to set up clunky scaffolding - it isn’t needed for most jobs! The products we use are durable and of very high quality that will leave your roof with a smart finish that will last.

What services do we offer?
If you have a roof problem, we’ll come out and assess it. We can locate and fix leaks, replace tiles and slates, fit ridge tiles and zinc flashing, carry out lead and zinc work, chimney work, masonry work, the list goes on. To have a glance over our full list of services, click here.It’s not just repair jobs we cover, though - our team carries out lime wash painting, pipe unblocking and even pest control.

We have a team full of specialists who are ready to help you to achieve the housing goals you’ve always aimed towards.No job is too large for us to handle - alongside fixing loose slates and cleaning guttering, we also carry out roof replacement, installation and restoration.

What projects do we handle?
Our Edinburgh roofing team is lucky enough to be big enough to handle projects of any size. The same level of care and attention is provided by all of our roofers, no matter the task at hand.We work with both domestic and business customers across the board and on any level of job.

Our use of rope access means we spend less time setting up and taking down scaffolding, meaning we’ll be able to get to you quicker than more traditional roofers and get the job done efficiently.

Roofing is physically demanding but we’re more than happy to get stuck into any job. We work with (and can order in) a range of materials to fit with the work you’re looking for and can guarantee a great finish every time.

How does rope access benefit roofing work?
We strongly believe that no matter the job at hand, rope access is the best and most efficient way to approach the job. Our two-rope system allows us to reach even the smallest nook and crannies on your building, whether that’s to reach the smallest crack or the last bit of debris clogging your pipes up. Having this level of access means corners are never cut and every job is carried out to the very best of our ability. Using rope access means that even when presented with a job on a terest house or cottage build of fragile or expensive stone, we can get the job done to a great standard. Your lovely house won’t be tarnished with unsightly metal scaffolding (only a few workers!) and no brick or stone work will be chipped away. We really do believe it’s the least invasive way to tackle roofing problems on Edinburgh’s houses.

How do you work safely?
Our founder Artur Pawlak was a builder with a huge passion for rock climbing, so when our company set off in 2014, we were built with great foundations! Artur’s father worked as a roofer in Poland, which means not only has he got more than ten years of experience on his own, roofing runs in the family blood.We work under Irata and all our workers are regularly trained and re-trained to ensure the team is working as safely as possible. All of our technicians feel completely safe working with rope access and even take time at the weekends to go rock climbing, increasing their skills and teaching them how to keep safe without even realising!

Why do you not use scaffolding?
The price of scaffolding can put many off getting a job done - and we don’t blame you. Adding on this extra cost can take an affordable job and make it almost not worth fixing - which is where we come in. The hassle, inconvenience and time needed to work with scaffolding is unnecessary when you have a great team like ours who enjoy working with rope access.

HiSolution offers professional inspection, maintenance, roofing and construction services using rope access techniques.This means we can reach your roof easily, quickly and safely without creating an eyesore for the houses around you.

Is your work Edinburgh roofing work under warranty?
It is indeed! HiSolution offers a guarantee of a minimum of five years and often reaches the ten year mark. The materials we used are covered by external manufacturer warranties - but don’t worry. We work with well known, reputable brands such as Petzl, Hilti, CT1, Sika, Masons Mortar, Dulux Weathershield, Hammeride to keep you safe in the knowledge that you’ll be happy with the finished product.

At HiSolution we pride ourselves on high quality roofing done well across all over our many services. Close attention is paid to every single job we carry out, and we work with our customers to make sure they’re happy with our work not only once complete, but through planning and during the process too.

To get in touch with our Edinburgh roofers, click here. We’ll be able to provide a free quote usually within 48 hours to make sure you’re never left with a roofing problem for too long! Our friendly team aim to be in touch within the day to make sure you know you’re in safe hands. We look forward to working with you at HiSolution.