Bird proofing, spikes & netting installation in Edinburgh

Pigeon deterrent - Seagull proofing Spikes & Netting Installed Exactly Where the Birds Land & Nest

From annoying noise to serious health hazards to ugly mess & masonry damage caused by the droppings, bird pests can be a real nuisance. HiSolution technicians use rope access to install bird deterrent spikes & netting exactly where they need to go.

Bird spikes installation in edinburgh

Scaffolding-free work saves you money, time and hassle - and rope access helps us get to all the hard to reach and awkward places you need us to access.

Work is guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years, and often for as long as 30 years.

Bird spikes / bird netting

From pigeons to seagulls, birds nesting or perching on buildings can be a real nuisance. The cooing of pigeons and the squawking of seagulls can really get on the resident’s nerves (not to mention being woken up at dawn), but the biggest issue is what birds leave behind.

Bird droppings are highly acidic, and damage stone and other building materials – that’s in addition to the ugly mess.

Example of bird spikes & netting installed in Edinburgh

There are also health risks associated with fungi and bacteria breeding in bird droppings and feathers, from Cryptococcosis to salmonella. Some of them can be fatal to vulnerable people. No wonder that the owners and managers of residential, commercial and public buildings spend thousands of pounds on hundreds of manhours devoted to cleaning and repairing damage caused by birds.

Installing bird deterrent systems is the best solution to bird pests. These include wire mesh bird netting and bird spikes, which offer permanent, humane and most crucially, effective, solution.

Bird spikes work best placed in areas where birds land frequently, while netting is good at blocking nesting locations. Naturally these will be often found in high and hard to access spots.

Rope access techniques offer the optimal solution to all bird-proofing challenges, as the operatives can move freely on the roofs, balconies, along the walls and in all nooks and crannies of the building’s external structure, while their safety is ensured by the correct use of rope and harness. At HiSolution, we have extensive experience in installing bird deterrent, of which bird spikes are the most popular and simplest, but also among the most effective.Protecting your building and its users from mess, damage and hazards caused by pigeons and other flying pests is simpler than you think. Our abseiling operatives will fit bird spikes or bird-proofing netting exactly where they need to be to ensure maximum deterrent effect, however high or awkward to reach – quickly, efficiently and safely, with no need for expensive and time-consuming scaffolding.

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