Gutter cleaning

Guttering plays a crucial function in keeping buildings dry and structurally sound. Its job is to take rainwater away from your roof and down the drain. It is important everywhere, but particularly so in Edinburgh where rain is a constant feature of our Scottish weather.

Example of gutter cleaning

Regular cleaning and maintenance of guttering is thus very important. Important as it is, it is also easy to forget. But if neglected, gutters will get blocked with debris of all kinds, including fallen leaves, moss and even dead animals. Blocked gutters don’t work properly, and your building is at risk of damp, leaks, flooding and structural damage.

Experts recommend that gutters are cleaned at least annually, and ideally, twice a year: in the autumn when the leaves are mostly gone from the trees but before the worst of the winter weather, and in the spring.

Whether your building is equipped with cast iron, plastic, or pressed steel gutters, regular inspection and cleaning is one of the best things you can do to keep your property safe and sound.

Cleaning gutters can be quite a challenge, as good access (ideally from above) is needed to do the job properly and some properties have many meters of guttering fitted in high and awkward places.

Rope access techniques are perfect for gutter inspection, gutter cleaning and gutter repair as they allow for relatively unencumbered access at height. However tall your building or constrained the access, HiSolution technicians will service the guttering to ensure it works properly and keeps rainwater damage at bay.

HiSolution offer discounts to customers committed to regular gutter maintenance, which, in addition to keeping the rainwater going down the drain as it should, also offers an excellent chance to inspect not just the guttering itself, but roofs and other parts of the building, which means that any problems there can be caught early and fixed in good time, saving money and preventing further damage.

HiSolution rope access services offer what’s likely to be the quickest, cheapest, and most efficient way to keep your guttering maintained. Get in touch for a quote today.

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